Domestic Power Flushing Services In Hertfordshire

The Problem

Is your boiler making bubbling noises? Do you have cold spots on radiators (or some not as hot as others)? If so your central heating system is probably experiencing circulation problems caused by sludge components in the radiators and pipes and a “power flush” is required. Wallis Heating and Plumbing provide power flushing services across Hertfordshire for all types of radiators and domestic central heating systems.

The Solution

Power flushing is required from time to time as over time central heating systems become bunged up from sludge and iron filings in the water causing poor circulation which results in lukewarm radiators and pipe noise. By power flushing your heating system, the sludge and built up residue will be removed via inline magnetic filtration, which will make your system work more efficiently. After a power flush from our top of the range power flushing machine you will immediately notice a difference.

The Power Flushing Process

The power flush process is: Cleaning chemicals are forcibly pushed through your heating system using water at high speed but low pressure so that no physical damage is caused. The powerful reversable flow combined with magnetic filters and chemicals will remove corrosive deposits in your central heating system/boiler.

Radiator and Boiler Power Flushing Services in Hertfordshire

For All Your:

  • Power flushing of Radiators
  • Power flushing of Central Heating Systems

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